Who we are?

A body of men, women and children, who first ADORES and worships God, is CHRIST centered, FOCUSED in the irrevocable calling of the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ, and INTERCESSORY in the reconciliatory mission of restoring the relationship of man to God, until the return of Jesus Christ to reign.

    A – Adores and worships God.

    C – Christ centered.

    F – Focused in the calling of the Great Commission.

    I – Intercessory in the reconciliatory mission of restoring man to God.

A Brief History of our Church

Austin Christian Fellowship of India (ACFI) is a Non-Denominational Church meeting the spiritual needs of all people in the Austin metro area.

This Church started as a small cottage prayer meeting fellowship in December 2000, at an apartment complex, in Austin. At that time, 3 families staying in the same apartment complex, would meet every Saturday to study the Word of God and fellowship.

Later on this fellowship was revived in September 2001 and named as Austin Christian Fellowship of India. Ever since, Almighty God has been wondrously enabling the growth of this Church spiritually and in number to reach out to the Austin Metro area and beyond. In early 2003, ACFI was registered as a Non-Denominational Church and a Church Board was formed.

We consider our church members as a family and help in need and encourage each other to grow spiritually. God has blessed our church by giving our members a heart to serve, as we support various ministries including Bible studies, in various Indian regional languages, in both North and South Austin.

Through our Missions Ministries and faithful giving of our members, we support many missions in India. We have all night prayer meetings and have a strong Children’s ministry. Our Missions team and Children ministry come together and support local community by helping in Elder Care Facilities. We also partner with local churches in times of natural disaster to reach out to those in need.

Presently ACFI is actively involved in:

  • Supporting each other Spiritually through a foundation laid on Prayers and personal relationships.
  • Supporting Gospel Missions in the Indian subcontinent financially and through Prayers.
  • Teaching the Holy Scriptures to our children.
  • Reaching out to the local Austin area and spreading the love of Christ.
  • Studying the Word of God to discover the truths and treasures hidden in the Holy Bible.
  • Saturday Worship and Fellowship.
  • Emphasizing the importance of living with integrity and sin free.
  • Being always prepared for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.Sunday

We invite everybody, irrespective of any denomination, to share the vision of ACFI. We believe that ACFI will be a blessing to you.

Let the name of the LORD be praised, both now and forevermore. [Psalms 113:2]