Suresh Badiga

Round Rock, TX

I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in year 2000. I tasted HIS love, amazing grace, salvation, and His work in my life. He taught me through HIS word which are golden nuggets like a loving father and changed my life. I strongly believe, a life can be fruitful or successful only through Jesus and by following HIS WORD. Jesus Christ worked many miracles in my life. I have found peace and joy in my heart and it is full of God’s love. I only have a desire to grow, and get to know Him better and better. I thank Jesus for HIS sacrifice to save me. HE is the BEST & AWESOME in my life.

Suresh Bose

Austin, TX

I praise God for He brought me out of darkness (from Hindu background) in to His Light (True and Living God). I thank Him for all His mighty ways in my life and for the greater plans that He has for all of us. His grace has led me thus far and He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Dr. Iris Paul

Austin, TX

Following my fall on Jan 4th 2011 – sustaining multiple fractures and head injury. The fractures healed by God’s Grace in 5 months time – But due to the head injury, I could not walk properly till Nov 2014 !!
In spite of my ill health, God enabled me to do the medical work at Malkangiri Odisha and also started a Plantation Program as the local temperature was increasing due to the heavy deforestation by the government.
The Lord brought me to Austin on July 13th 2013 – and gave me a life of comfort where I went from one controlled temperature to another at my son Mano’s home. I also had multiple fresh fruit juices and Sangeetha gave tasty and healthy food. Playing with my grandson darling Reuben and pushing the pram with my darling Ittia when Mano and Sangeetha were busy helped my walk. God and prayers of many many has cured me completely and now I can walk well and kneel and pray. Indeed our God is an Awesome and Miracle working God. Praise Him.
The Lord taught me innumerable lessons during the short stay here at Austin. I am rejuvenated and I am going back to Malkangiri on Jan 9th 2014, to continue the work and my Doctoral studies in Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Counseling at SAIACS Bangalore, as an extension course.
My heartfelt Thanks to ACFI and all who prayed for me and sent encouraging email and Face book messages and support.

The Boyalapalli Family

Round Rock ,TX

We walk both physically and spiritually as veterans of God’s grace. While the most difficult trials came to turn the ‘perfection’ of our family’s little world upside-down, God’s promises remained ever-present and true for each one of us. When we fell to our knees because we could find no other help, we were reminded to “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be afraid, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” From this we knew that it was God alone whom we could put our trust in. He miraculously demonstrated to us that faith, by a relationship with HIM above all else, would be our security in all our trials. Finally, he reminded us that His plan, no matter how difficult it may seem, is one that will “prosper us, not harm us… and give us a future and a hope.” What we see through our eyes is just a tiny streak of a massive and beautiful masterpiece. What we had once viewed as perfection, earthly pleasures and luxuries, slowly changed in the light of what was perfect in the sight of God.
It was only through these trials that God enabled us to fully recognize his blessings, his life-giving grace, and his love.

Deepu, Melody & Family

Jarrel, TX

We thank the Lord for His abounding mercy in our lives. He is constantly with us, leading us from victory to victory. He sure is a prayer answering God! & we can’t thank Him enough for the wonders that He is doing for us! As a family we thank Him for everything that He has provided, including His joy & peace in abundance. His faithfulness is new every morning!! We are very blessed to be His children. And we praise Him as a family!!. As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord.My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven & earth. The joy of the Lord is my (our) strength.

Samson Jesudass

Austin, TX

Promise verse Isaiah 41:10. As we reflect on our life and the blessings of the Lord, we see two things – Grace: what do not deserve but are given and Mercy: what we truly deserve but do not get.

Grace: We are grateful to the Lord for this blessing that we are at this service with our family, my wife Anita, sons Joshua and Jason and my parents. My sister Anita and brother in law Pastor Sherwin were blessed with a child after 14 years of marriage. My wife’s parents in India were diagnosed with metastatic cancer and have been blessed with remission. God has blessed us with success at work –with promotions and added responsibilities.

Mercy: The mercies of the Lord would not be complete without mentioning His Grace—our dear friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given 3 weeks –he is alive and doing well and maintains a positive attitude. Our niece and nephew were diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and are undergoing treatments and doing well. Let us continue to uphold each other in prayers.